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The heart of this in 2007 founded formation are definetely the brazilian singer Christiane Ruvenal from Bahia/Sakvador, and from Porto Algere/southbrazil - coming singer and guitarist Silvio Fortes with his pleasant timbre.

In specially arranged songs of the Música Popular Brasileira as Alcione-Joyce-Lenine-Rosana-Ed Motta-Simone-Rosa Passos – in which they are singing doublevoices,their positive "sun-palm-beach" mood spreading charisma and timbre repeatedly demonstrated his origin home and their love to brazilian music.

Since 2011, the internationally known saxophonist and flutist Alberto Barreira from Porto Alegre - South Brazil – enriched the „Banda Brasil“ with amazing virtuosic solos.

The pianist and keyboarder Andy Lutter, popular and is respected not only in the Munich jazz scene, is with his melodic sensibility a tremendous asset to „Banda Brasil“.

Paul Tietze jointed lately as bassist the band in 2013 - convinced by his unusual grooves and excellent timing, a dream for every drummer.

Elmar SchmidtBandleader is the drummer Elmar Schmidt, one of the most bussiest studio drummer. He played beside others with Chris de Burgh, Jennifer Rush, Temptations, Eartha Kitt, Roy Ayers, RAT PACK, United Jazz & Rock Ensemble,Duke Ellington „sohisticated ladies“ (musical from NY - feat. DeeDeeBridgwater), Saturday Night Fever (musical), Dieter Reith Orchester, Julio Barbosa „Embalo“, Klaus Doldinger, Lygia Campos, Pedro Tagliani, Brazil Connection. But he is also known for his perfectly organized Brazil acts like Aquarelas Brazil with 40 artists. –

Mittwoch 7.12.2022
Unterfahrt München


Nightclub – Bayr. Hof
Piazza Linda München

Bajazzo München –
after show Party

Do Brazil München –
after show Party

Hirschau München
Giesinger Bahnhof München
Vogler München

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